Construction Activities – Week of October 31, 2022

The Connecticut Department of Transportation advises the following construction activities for the upcoming week:



  • Town of Haddam
    • Crews will continue working on staging for the construction of a new retaining wall along the southside of Route 82.
  • Town of East Haddam
    • Crews will be installing protection barriers


  • Crews will continue with repair work of the mechanical breakdown of the swing span.


  • No anticipated night activities.

Vehicular Impacts:

  • Single lane closures will be occurring each day between 9am-3pm, traffic flaggers will coordinate the alternating traffic sequence.
  • All lanes will be reopened and operational during peak traffic hours.

Marine Impacts:

  • The bridge will continue with the 2 daily manual openings of the swing span, the openings will occur at 10am and 1pm. Be advised that this schedule is subject to change if the bridge crew encounters reoccurring or new problems during the scheduled manual openings. Additionally, high winds (gusts above 25mph) could prevent the bridge tender from performing a manual swing, boaters are advised to monitor wind gusts on anticipated navigation day.

Please be advised:

  • Weekend work is not anticipated.
  • Signs will be posted to help guide the public.
  • Access to local businesses and residents within the work zones will be maintained.
  • Unforeseen circumstances have the potential to impact all scheduled construction activities.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is working to inform residents of current and upcoming construction activities through announcements such as this, as well as the project website. For more information, visit

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